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Over 30 Homemade Wing Sauces, Made Fresh Daily

At WinginIt, it's all about the sauce! We make all of our sauces in our kitchen daily using the freshest ingredients. And if you want something special, just ask and we will combine two of sauces together like fajita hot or spicy cajun, because at WinginIt it's also all about you! Here is a list of our famous wing sauces:

  • Mild - because everyone doesn't like it hot!
  • Medium - just the right heat!
  • Hot - this sauce will light your fire!
  • Spicy Mango - spicy wings with a hint of mango, delicious!
  • Fire - better order a tall, cold beer with this one!
  • Chernobyl - keep the fire department's number handy, this one sizzles!
  • Honey BBQ - sweet and savory!
  • Spicy BBQ - this would be respectable at any BBQ joint!
  • Cajun BBQ - a unique blend of Beale and Bourbon Streets!
  • Mango - tropical and a hint of mango goodness!
  • Chipotle - a flavorful pepper that carries some heat!
  • Spicy Garlic - this garlic dances with flavors!
  • Garlic - get it regular or spicy!
  • Teriyaki - flavor that will take you on an exotic journey!
  • Honey Teriyaki - the sweet flavors of the Orient!
  • Cajun Teriyaki - New Orleans meets Tokyo!
  • Green Chile - these flavorful peppers taste great with wings!
  • Spicy Ranch - a spicy blend of medium and ranch!
  • Spicy Cajun - a mardi gras of flavor goodness!
  • Honey Mustard - a new take on a classic chicken sauce!
  • Hot Honey Mustard - a taste that takes Honey Mustard to the next level!
  • Honey Garlic - natural honey and garlic makes your taste buds sing!
  • Honey Hot - a great blend of sweet and spice
  • Garlic Lemon Pepper - a gourmet selection full of flavor!
  • Garlic Parmesan - the little Italy of sauces!
  • Cajun Dry Rub - for those that love spicy food without the sauce!
  • Fajita Dry Rub - chicken and fajitas are a natural combination!
  • Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub - ya' mon!
  • Rocky Mountain Ranch - a real mile high favorite!
  • Spicy Oriental - make your journey exotic and hot!
  • Mild Oriental - for those who enjoy the mild side of the Orient!
  • Hawaiian Lava - a fantastic taste of Paradise!

You can try many of our sauces before you order at our tasting station. We are constantly experimenting with new ways of combining our wing sauces, so don't be surprised if you find a new sauce when you stop in!